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It’s been a long time since I’ve done this.
This is Jae Uck Kim.

Now, I am writing this with strange and surreal feeling on a day that I thought would not come.

I am feeling a lot of different emotions with proud and comfort in knowing that I finally finished my long duty that sometimes felt short.

I know now that 21 months has been a good experience and time for building foundation of upcoming projects and my personal life.

I will remember these times as finding what is lost, if lost and correct what was wrong and unnecessary.

I look forward to the day when I am in front of you as a better actor and musician.

I will not forget the kindness from many people.

I was truly happy and comforted much more than I deserve.

As an actor, as a vocal of Walrus, I will come back as soon as I am ready.

Cheers for the ones who are working hard to protect Korea,

p.s. I hope you understand that my discharge was unofficial as my enlistment.


Дождались! :)

@темы: интервью

2013-04-05 в 20:57 

маячник,интроверт, амбидекстр,фиолетовый эгоист.
время!!!как стремительно!! но Как же хорошо, что Уже!

2013-04-05 в 22:10 

Shan mao
There ain't no grave can hold my body down ♪♫ (C)
Вот те на! Время быстро пролетело.)

2013-04-15 в 15:03 

Bang Bang Bang!

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