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В данном посте будут собираться видео с мюзикла Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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Фанкам с попурри из песен мюзикла.

Kim Jae Uck in Hedwig from bemis on Vimeo.

Credit to : blog.naver.com/​riea79

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В данном посте будут собираться фото с выступлений Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Три фото с выступления.
за 14 мая


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фото в гриме к Hedwig


Вопрос: Ваше отношение к Джэ-Хедвиг:
1. Джэ, you make me lesbian. 
15  (65.22%)
2. Джэ, сними это немедленно. 
2  (8.7%)
3. Джэ? А где тут Джэ? 
6  (26.09%)
Всего: 23

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Три фото с твиттера.

Фото 1

Фото 2

credit to: ginasam

Фото 3

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EASY TV Magazine


2 фото. репетиция к Hedwig.

Джэ в юбке и на каблуках.
2 фото
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фото к "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

Как вы уже знаете, Джэ участвует в мюзикле "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" в роли Хедвиг.

Час назад участник группы Walrus запостил в твиттере это:
"이쁘다.." (спасибо Shiomi: в переводе "красивый"), и это фото.
Джэ гримируют.

20 минут назад он запостил этот твит, и к нему тоже шло фото:
"역대 제일 멋진 헤드윅이 될거에요 보시는봐와같이" ("Hedwig's gonna be the nicest ever look like you can see")
Джэ в образе Хедвиг.

*итак, какова ваша реакция на образ Хедвиг?

UPD. А вот вам и блондинистый парик)
Предыдущий пост с фотографиями, где Джэ на каблуках - с репетиции к Hedwig.

подпись к первому фото: "大まかに素顔にかけてもこの程度であるジェウク.."

подпись ко второму фото: "ワンモアボーナス"

credit to: ginasam
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20110226 Mnet Sound Plex


Вопрос: Спасибо?
1. Да 
11  (100%)
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Walrus 1st live 2011.3.12

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*вполне приличные записи.

To Be from bemis on Vimeo.

I'm the Walrus-Walrus from bemis on Vimeo.

20110226 MSound Flex Recrode
source : hicn4@blog.naver.com

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2011.4.10 @ 상상마당 [IT MIGHT GET LOUD] Dear Cloud + Mate + Walrus



UPD. Фанкам лучшего качества, и снят ближе к сцене.

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Kim Jaeuck & Walrus – “4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011″

On April 2nd, 2011. Kim Jaeuck together with his three band mates of his “Rock N’ Roll” band “walrus”, Kim Tae Hyun (drummer), Yoo Seung Beom (guitarist) and Yang Shi Won (bass guitarist) hold their first fan meeting in Hong Kong. The event is titled “Kim Jaeuck & walrus ’4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011′” at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Center.

Some of you may not know Jaeuck that well, but he gained popularity in various Korean dramas and movies, including “Antique Bakery”, “Coffee Prince”, “Bad Guy” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night”. His gorgeous looks and charismatic personality have become his signature and endeared him to fans from different nationalities and across generations.

This first fan meeting in Hong Kong has attracted a lot of fans from different parts of Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korea etc. At this highly anticipated gathering, Jaeuck and walrus rocked the stage with their hits including songs from their latest release, “walrus 1st single album” as well as classical hits of Beatles, Oasis and Nirvana. Their fans were blown away by their captivating stage presence, five lucky fans were given an unforgettable opportunity to communicate, interact and take a polaroid photo with Jaeuck and walrus on stage.

April 2nd was also Jaeuck’s 28th birthday, fans attending the event not only had the chance to see the extremely “hot” performance of their beloved artist on stage, but also share such a precious moment in his personal life. Jaeuck said during the fan meeting, “I really love music and it takes me 10 years to realize my dream in launching walrus’ 1st single album! It is my first time to hold a fan meeting in Hong Kong and also come as a musician to meet the fans there! It is even more meaningful that it is my first-ever birthday celebration with fans and in an overseas country. Every member of walrus feels grateful for the enthusiasm and passion given by fans during our stay in Hong Kong! We will try our best possible to produce and present more good songs in the future. We hope our fans will continue to support and love walrus!”

A special designed birthday cake with Jaeuck’s favorite cartoon character, Chopper in “Rocker” style is prepared at the fan meeting, wishing Jaeuck every success in pursuing his music dreams. Jaeuck received many birthday gifts from fans. Japanese fans who were unable to attend the event due to the earthquake sent Jaeuck a hand-made gift and book full of words and messages from fans to express their love to him. In addition, they made a donation to Japan Red Cross in the name of “Kim Jaeuck’s Fans in Japan” on his birthday.

The event was sponsored by Hyatt Regency Hong Kong and SOGO Hong Kong. It is also supported by Korea Tourism Organization, Epicurean Group, Shin Hwa Gallery and Sorabol Restaurants.

Kim Jaeuck & walrus “4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011″ is organized by ELF ASIA.

credit to: kaggregate.com

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